PolTAL 2014: Call for Papers


PolTAL 2014 – 9th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

Warsaw, Poland

17–19 September 2014


Scope of the conference

Papers are invited on recent, substantial, original and unpublished research on all aspects of computational linguistics and natural language and speech processing, including, but not limited to:

  • word segmentation, tagging and chunking,
  • syntax, parsing and grammar formalisms,
  • lexical semantics and word sense disambiguation,
  • compositional semantics and semantic parsing,
  • distributional and model-theoretic approaches to semantics,
  • pragmatics, discourse and dialogue,
  • linguistic, psychological and mathematical models of language,
  • language resources and tools,
  • lexicon, lexical databases and ontologies,
  • corpus linguistics and corpus-based language modelling,
  • information retrieval, question answering and information extraction,
  • generation and summarisation,
  • machine translation, translation aids and multilingual systems,
  • dialogue systems and multimodal systems,

as well as:

  • phonetics, phonology and morphology,
  • speech recognition and speech synthesis,
  • simulation and visualisation,
  • knowledge acquisition and representation,
  • text and speech interfaces,
  • text and speech classification,
  • systems evaluation.


Keynote speakers

The following speakers are scheduled to deliver keynote talks:

  • Johan Bos, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Ann Copestake, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh, UK



We welcome submissions both from the academia and the industry on any topic that is of interest to the NLP community, particularly encouraging research emphasising multidisciplinary and linguistic aspects of Computational Linguistics.

Further information about the submission procedure can be found on the Submission page.


Important dates

See Important Dates for more information, but the most important date is:

  • 5 April 2014: extended submission deadline (passed; submissions closed now)


Programme committee

See Committees.